Tomorrow is always fresh

My daily mid-stretch crisis


My daily mid-stretch crisis

Video Game Meme: [4/7] Sceneries
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


Alice’s Remembrall

Having always been rather forgetful, Alice was known to keep a remembrall with her which she wore on a chain as a necklace. After the her torture in 1981 a confused Alice gripped the orb in her hand, unaware of what it was as she watched it fill with red smoke in an attempt to remind her of all she’d forgotten. Her husband, her son, her friends, her life, everything.

In 1991 Augusta Longbottom gave her grandson a remembrall. It was Alice’s.


Ghibli Nouveau
 by Marlboro


The Marauders. You’d have thought they were brothers! Inseparable! Nothing changed when they left school. 

This love, it is a distant star, guiding us home wherever we are. This love, it is a burning sun, shining light on the things that we’ve done.